Advertising Opportunities
for Brands

The Homeschool Blessings Bundles site is growing rapidly! And that means potential growth for you too!

Want to get your products in front of more eyes?

We have 3 opportunities for you to share your brand, site, and products to the homeschool community!

  • Limited Time Freebie
  • Quarterly Bundle Participation (Bloggers & Brands welcome!)
  • Monthly & Quarterly Sponsorships

Limited Time Freebie Offer

Offer your own PAID product (minimum $5 value) as a Limited Time FREEBIE on Homeschool Blessings Bundles.

This is a great way to offer one of your products (new, seasonal, or one you want to revive) to our homeschool audience.

  • Runs from Monday – Friday
  • Product is housed on HBB and delivered via our Woo store
  • Both sponsor & HBB get .csv file of optins

Cost: $150 OR reserve 4 spots for the year and SAVE!! Get 1 offer per quarter for $500 (Reg. $600).

Quarterly Blessings Bundles

Submissions are CLOSED at this time. 

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Submissions are now open for the 2023 Homeschool Blessings Bundle

Upcoming bundle: April 21 – 30, 2023

We have several unique opportunities to offer brands related to our quarterly bundles.

Facebook Party Sponsor

Be a sponsor for the 2023 Homeschool Blessings Bundle Kick-Off Facebook Party!

When: Friday, April 21st

You can choose from either a limited time freebie OR you can add a paid product as a flash giveaway that will run Fri-Mon (April 21-24). 

Bundle Booklet Ad Space

Get your brand or new product seen by thousands of homeschoolers across the globe.

Submit a Full-Ad for the 2023 Homeschool Blessings Bundle booklet. The bundle is a PDF with clickable “ads” throughout, offering your brand a unique opportunity.

Monthly & Quarterly Sponsorships

You can promote a paid product, a freebie, a tripwire, or your entire site. This is a great way to show off a brand new product or bring something you’ve had for years to fresh eyes!

Each sponsor gets:

  • Your sponsored 300×300 ad on each page of the website
  • Email shoutouts in each email sent to the Blessings Bundle list of over 11,000 (linked image to your site)
  • Facebook group shoutout in the Homeschool Blessings Bundle group

COST: Monthly sponsorship is only $100

Want a 3-month sponsorship? Book for 3 consecutive months for just $275

NOTE: The Quarterly Sponsors receive ONE (1) FREE full page ad in the booklet launched during their 3-month window…which is a HUGE promo!

Space is super limited so reserve your spot today!

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